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Travelers: discover your preferred destinations with GMD private tours

You have tickets, you also have an hotel booking, but... you don't yet have hired your trips in your destination? Do you have trouble finding private guided tours and even more trouble designing your own tailor-made tour? Furthermore, you are a traveler who feel that group tours are so awful and you finally feel like a sheeps' herd, without possibility to choose what to enjoy?

We welcome you to GMD GuideMyDream. The new way to enjoy your trips. Design your own tailor-made tours and enjoy exclusively with anyone you want: your partner, family or your friends; or choose from the different types of programmed tours of every guide. You will not regret!

For much less than you think and without commissions, you could hire your private tours with the tour guide of your preference.
We like to speak Spanish: we want that every traveler who want it, could hire a Spanish-speaking private tour guide in every part of the world. If you only speak Spanish, you feel better speaking Spanish or you want to improve your Spanish when travelling, you will find in GuideMyDream lot of private guides for your choice.
We highlight the words "Private Tour" because our services are aimed at small groups of people who know each other: singles, couples, families, friends and business travels, etc.

Choose your destination and you'll find plenty of options to spend an unforgettable stay

With GMD you will reach where others can't, discover spots where others can not imagine, know the secrets that will make your destination closer and you will travel safer than others. Let yourself be guided by professionals and save time to make the most of your holidays or business travel. You will have the freedom of an independent travel but with the benefits of a private tour guide specially for you.

We offer you all necessary guarantees* so that your guided tour could convert into an authentic experience. With that in mind, we only work with the best professional private guides.
Design the tailor-made tour you have always dreamed. But if you do not have time, don't worry! You will be able to access a large number of programmed tours. And if you are a person who leaves everything to the last minute, you can make a booking up to two hours prior to the tour.

* 100% guaranteed

Weather problems: we will refund you
No show by the tour guide: we will refund you
Any other reason: 100% refund up to 15 days in advance

If you have to cancel your guided tour, we ask you to do so at the earliest possible stage. When the tour guide have a trip confirmed, other possible tours are rejected to be able to guide you. If you do not advise of cancellation you will cause a great damage to your guide.

Close your eyes. And dream. Where do your dreams take you?

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