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GuideMyDream is the meeting place for tour guides and travelers. This is a place where we highly value your professionality, flexibility, passion and friendliness with our travelers. If this is your case, you have an in-depth knowledge of your area, and if you also wish to increase your workload... Welcome! You will feel right at home.


  • Who, What and How?

  • We will explain to the travelers who you are, what you do and how you do it. Our travelers will have all the tools to choose the private guide that will make him enjoy their trip as a unique experience. They will know you better as a person and as a professional. They will also have at their disposal all the details of your trips: length, difficulty, etc, and go deeper into the description thereof. Finally, they can read opinions of other real travelers about you and your tours; real comments of real travelers. For this reason is indispensable to have a high standard and quality profile. Transparent and well explained information..

  • Marketing

  • We know that investment in marketing and advertising would have to be very high if you will make yourself. In GMD we help you to focus in your main goal; make your travelers feel special with your unforgettable tours. While you do your work, we will make ours: free marketing to multiply your presence. We will give you the best publicity and visibility in the network to ensure that everyone knows you. You will reach millions of potentials customers, so is in your hand that you offer them a great and unique experience.

  • Spanish-speaking Travelers

  • In GuideMyDream we want that Spanish-speaking customers who are not proficient in English, or other languages may have the possibility of taking Spanish tours and enjoy them like the rest. That is why tour guides with the Spanish as a working language will have a better searching ranking in our website. In GuideMyDream you will find out the biggest Spanish-speaking community of travelers , so that you will increase your reservations exponentially in your destinations.
    Despite this don't forget that GuideMyDream is a multilingual project intended for any traveler in the world who desire to take a tailor-made or a programmed tour with a private tour guide.

  • Registration

  • You will find a quick and easy registration and completely free so you can start selling as soon as possible. It take less than a minute to be registered as a GMD Tour Guide.
    Because we understand that the quality is satisfaction, once you have completed your profile and it is approved by our team, you will be able to upload your guided tours and you will be ready to sell them.

  • Intuitive System

  • You will find that the system is easy to manage, intuitive and smooth. With all the tools you need to maximize your time and workload. Statistics checking, booking alerts through the Guide Panel and the opinions of travelers about you and your guided tours so you can improve the quality of your services.

  • Licensed Tour Guide

  • Do you have a licensed or an official qualification for guiding in your destination? Great! Guides in any of its forms, whether it be cultural guide, mountain guide, nature guide, etc you will have a brand and a distinguished position in GMD. Furthermore, if you have an accident insurance with coverage for your travelers, you have your trips adapted to disable people or you are proficient in sign language you also will have a better ranking in our guides search. Quality is rewarded!

  • No Show

  • We know that you are a essential part of this system, so in case of "No Show" of the traveler or reservation cancelled within the 48 hours before departure, we will pay you a portion of the tour to cover your costs and/or time expended. 100% guaranteed.

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