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Private guide: Francisca Hernandez. Photograph of the section «My profile» | GuideMyDream Francisca Hernandez

My name is Francisca Hernández and I was traveling for 5 year, I arrived in Chile and I realized that i didnt now my own country good, that's why I decided to become a tour guide, so i left my city for San Pedro de Atacama and I met many of its places, I worked with more than 10 agencies Of tourism but i could not satisfy my desire to find the authentic things of my country. After all of my trips I realized that Chile has something special, our restaurants or picadas, its corners and places that tourists never know. Unfortunately the conventional tours do not show this as they do not risk showing our real culture, well I wil take you and I have a totally different proposal I will show you neighborhoods and things that you never imagined that even I as Viñamarina did not know it will be a tour Full of history and real people typical of Chile, stories that are not in any book or google that you can live only in the streets of these curious place.

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