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FAQs - Travelers

Why should I hire a private guide with GuideMyDream for my excursion?

We at GuideMyDream strive to offer you the best guides to make sure each excursion becomes an unforgettable memory.
- A private guide will show you the very best a destination has to offer, but in a much more familiar environment. Enjoy the activity you are taking part of more intensely.
- With a private guide, you will move around as a local; as a resident. You’ll get to visit sites that only the locals know about, where there are no big organized groups, but you will get to know these places with the help of a professional.
- Safety. You’ll avoid safety problems that arise by being in a place at the wrong time or by being accompanied by someone you don’t know at all.
- Flexibility. A GMD guide will adapt to the circumstances and is able to conceive an itinerary that will completely suit your personal tastes.
- Tranquility. You’ll avoid excursions surrounded by tens of people and you will skip the long lines at the main touristic sites.
- Up to date and personalized information. Pocket guides are never totally up to date, nor do they replace the warmth of a private guide. They also don’t provide you the anecdotes and oddities that only tourist guides can offer you.

Is it expensive to hire a private guide for my excursions?

Not at all. A private excursion is cheaper than you might think and there are countless advantages compared to a tour with a travel agency.

Do I have to register to buy a guided tours?

No, we make our excursions easy to purchase so that the process is as quick and simple as possible.

It’s my first time on GuideMyDream. How do I purchase a guided tour?

- Choose your destination.
- Select an organized tour from one of our guides at the chosen destination.
- Purchase it for yourself or offer it as a gift to whomever you wish.
- Evaluate it! Once the excursion is over, you will receive an email allowing you to leave your opinions on the guide and on the excursion as a whole, in order to help other fellow travelers make up their minds.

How does the excursions’ reservation process work?

Once you reserved an organized tour, the guide has 2 hours to either accept or cancel your reservation. If the tour guide accepts the reservation, you will only need to make the payment within the next 24 hours using the link sent to your email address. You will then receive the voucher or coupon for the tour at your email address. If you have purchased the tour for somebody else, that person will also receive it at his or her email address.
If you cannot find it, look in your spam folder. We recommend that you include us in your contact list in order to avoid this problem.

Can I contact the guide if I have a question?

If you have any question about an excursion before purchasing it, you can ask the guide through our internal messaging system by clicking on the 'Any Questions?' button. After having purchased an excursion you will have your guide’s contact information within the voucher or reservation coupon, in case of an emergency.

Do the GMD guides have to fulfill any conditions to offer their services in GuideMyDream? Do they hold a license or special qualifications?

All the GMD guides collaborating with our website must have all the necessary administrative authorizations in force for the business activity that they want to carry out.

How can I find out about a guide’s availability for a private tour on a given day or time?

Once you have selected your destination, you only need to enter in the 'Info and Reservations' section of the excursion and then press the 'Book this tour!' button. There you will be able to see the days and times which the excursion is available.

I have a disability, can I place a reservation for an excursion?

Of course you can. At GMD we adapt to everybody. For this reason, the organized excursions can be sorted by their adaptability to wheelchairs. If you have any other disability, contact the tour guide and he will be able to inform you.

How can I figure out if a particular guide will be to my liking?

Once you have selected the destination, in the 'GMD Tour Guides' tab, you will be able to see any of the guides’ evaluations and consult real opinions left by travelers about a private guide in particular. In addition, by entering his profile, you will be able to see detailed information about him.

How can I find out if a organized tour will be to my liking?

Click the excursion on which you would like more details. Enter the 'Info and Reservations' tab and you will be able to consult all the information pertaining to this activity, in addition to the real opinions left by other travelers about this excursion.

How will your evaluation system help me?

All the published evaluations are from “real customers”; travelers who went on excursions with our guides and who will help you decide if a guide or an excursion is a good match to what you are looking for.
You will be able to read opinions on the guides and also on the excursions offered by these guides.

The excursion is not for me, it is a gift I wish to offer somebody else. Can I do that?

Certainly, when you book the tour you will have the appropriate option to give away. In this case, the voucher will be sent by email both to you and to the person you wish to offer the private excursion.

Which payment methods do you accept? Is paying for the excursion through safe?

You can pay for the tour with all the main debit, credit cards and Paypal.
Of course, it is completely safe. GuideMyDream does not store any banking information, nor does it process it. All the process is carried out via the payment gateway (TPV) on the banking institution’s secured servers or Paypal servers. Furthermore the website use encryption through the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

Which currencies can be used to pay for the excursions?

As of now, all the transactions on GuideMyDream are made in Euros (€).

Who decides the excursions’ price?

GuideMyDream does not intervene in fixing the prices. We just put you in touch with the tour guides and supply you with all the facilities needed for you to find your excursion with a tour guide in any country of the world. The GMD guides are the only people able to determine the prices of their excursions. They will set the price, schedule, organization and any other aspect related to the excursion.

How are the excursions’ prices published?

Our GMD guides have two ways of publishing the price for an excursion:
- Price per person: the price is individual and increases according to the total number of participants.
- Price per tour: the total number of participants determines the price to be applied.

How do I have to pay the excursion?

All the excursions are paid once your private guide confirms his availability, guaranteeing you the confirmation of the excursion before paying for it.

I made a reservation, but I would like to modify it.

If you want to change either the date or time of the excursion, you will need to contact your guide sufficiently in advance so you can agree on the new schedule. Also contact us through email.

I have made a reservation, but I wish to cancel it. What will you charge me?

- Up to 3 days before the excursion we will refund you 100% of the cost.
- Less than 3 days before the excursion, 100% of the cost will be charged; no refund will be issued.

In any event, and with consideration for your private guide, who will have had prepared your excursion in great detail, we ask you to advise your guide of any cancellation as much ahead of time as possible. When a guide has a confirmed excursion, he is rejecting other potential excursions in order to be available for yours. If you don’t let him know about the cancellation, you will cause your guide great economic prejudice.
For any cancellation contact us by email.

And what happens if the guide cannot carry out the excursion?

In the event of sickness, bad weather or other cases of force majeure, the guide will contact you so that you can agree on an alternative date or time. If you can’t come to an agreement, we will refund you 100% of the cost of the reservation.

I lost the tour voucher containing the reservation’s information. What should I do?

If you can’t find the email in which the voucher is attached, contact us and we will send you another copy.

Is it safe to go on an excursion with a private tour guide?

The GMD guides provide you with the security that usually lacks when you are away from your usual place of residence. Our GMD guides are locals and professionals, which means they know perfectly what one must or must not do, when it’s advisable and when it’s not, etc.

Do the GMD guides have insurance?

Some guides have an insurance policy and others do not. We always recommend that our travelers buy a medical or travel insurance in order to cover any unforeseen event that could occur during the trip.

FAQs - Guides

How do I benefit from collaborating with GMD GuideMyDream?

It will benefit you on many levels. We will advertise you and your excursions freely. You will gain access to a huge market of potential travelers who want to purchase a private guided tour. Our travelers can see what the others think about you and your tours. Therefore, if you are a great professional, it will reflect on the evaluations you receive. You will also enjoy a safe payment system with guarantees. Enter and become a GMD guide.


How much does it cost to register as a GMD guide?

The registration is FREE. In less than a minute, you will be registered and you will be part of the best private excursions platform: GuideMyDream. Once you have completed your profile and it is been verified by us, you will be seen by millions of people from all over the world.

How can I register to GuideMyDream?

Click on “Register as a Guide”, enter your information and confirm your registration with the link you will have received by email. If you cannot find it, look in your spam folder. We recommend that you include us in your contact list in order to avoid this problem.

I have already registered as a GMD guide. Now what do I do?

Enter your guide information and after GMD has verified your profile, you will be able to upload your organized excursions. You will already be ready to begin receiving our travelers’ proposals.

How many excursions can I publish on my profile?

You can publish up to 5 organized excursions which you can change whenever you wish.

What should I include in the “About me” section?

The first thing our travelers will read about you is the “About me” section. It is the most important section; your calling card. For this reason, think carefully about what you will write here. Use it to sell yourself, but do it in an honest and sincere way. Explain who you are, what you do, how you do it and what makes you the private guide they are looking for. Remember that we sell private tours, which means that your target audience consist of small groups, families and even single people.

Do I have to hold a license in order to offer my services?

All GMD guides collaborating with our website must have all the necessary administrative auhorizations in force for the business activity that they want to carry out.

What if I hold an official license, will it benefit me?

To possess an official license allows you to guide places and to offer activities and experiences that others cannot. Furthermore, at GuideMyDream we value this a lot and you will appear higher in the search results by destination made by the travelers. Which ever your qualification may be: tourist guide, nature guide, etc., we will support you.

What should my profile picture look like?

Upload a sharp and recognizable picture to your GMD guide profile that can be compared to your license picture. Do not upload pictures in poor condition or that are blurry. The allowed formats are jpg and png.

How should I publish my excursions’ prices?

As a GMD guide you have two ways to publish an excursion:
- Price per person: the price is individual and increases according to the total number of participants.
- Price per tour: the price is collective for each defined range of persons. Thus the total number of participants in the tour determines the price to be applied.

Do I have to update my availability?

The system updates your availability automatically according to the days and hours you previously marked as being available, but it will also update your availability according to the confirmed excursions you already have. That being said, if you carry out activities outside of, it is your responsibility to avoid overlapping between excursions. A well organized availability will prevent bad comments from our travelers and penalties from us.

How does the excursions’ reservation process work?

The organized excursions reserved by the travelers should be confirmed by you within 2 hours of the reservation and the traveler in turn should confirm and pay for it within the following 24 hours.

How will I know that I have a pending reservation or a confirmed excursion?

Each time a traveler makes a reservation or confirms one of your excursions, you will receive an email. In addition, you can access the status of all your excursions from the Guide Panel.

What does GuideMyDream receive in exchange for their services?

GuideMyDream will not charge for reservations. Only charges a small commission on the excursions you sold and carried out through

How will I get paid for my excursions?

48 hours after the end of the excursion, you can request the payment through the Guide Panel. GMD pays the excursions fortnightly, on the first and on the fifteenth of every month or the next business day.

In the event that I must cancel an excursion, what should I do?

This should be the very last option to choose from. First, communicate with your traveler. In the case of illness, bad weather of similar problems, you should attempt to agree on a different date or time. In other cases, send and email to our guide services. We strive on providing the traveler the very best service, and as such, unjustified recurring cancellations could generate penalties or a ban from GMD.

What happens if a traveler cancels at the last minute, or if he doesn’t show up?

We at GuideMyDream realize how important you the guides are to us. In the event of a last minute cancellation, we will pay you a part of the excursion cost to cover your expenses and/or your time. Guaranteed.

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