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GuideMyDream it is made up of a team with a longstanding experience in the tourism sector. Like you, we enjoy traveling and getting to know other cultures and opening our minds to new experiences. Furthermore, we try to convey to others a different way of seeing the world, of dreaming, of living and to respect it.

In our website we facilitate the encounter between travelers and tour guides to convert each dream and illusion into a tailor-made tour which will be etched in their memories as a unique experience. Therefore, we will provide maximum guarantees, both to you and your tour guide, so that you do not have worry about anything. It will be an enriching experience for all.

we offer to fulfill your dreams in a different way, just as you have dreamed them, in any part of our beatiful world.

We specialise in Spanish-speaking tour guides. We particularly value Spanish-speaking tour guides, official guides and those private guides who adapt their trips for disable people.

The guide you are looking for your tour
Our misión is to bring the service of one day private tour with a professional tour guide closer to all travelers. So, our company help our customers to hire their tours and guides before leaving for the destination.
If we choose the category when we book a hotel, location and other details... why we also can't demand the same when we hire a guided tour?

Close your eyes. Where would you like to travel? ¿What would you like to see? How would you like to make the trip? Only you decide what you want and what you don't want to do. You decide the pace.

Tourism Intermediation
GuideMyDream is registered in the General Tourist Register of the Canary Islands Government for tourism intermediation with the authorization: I-0003593.1

GMD intermediador turistico
Claim forms are avalaible to our customers. You can request them from our registered office during working hours.
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CIF:B76171388 Registered in the Registro Mercantil of Las Palmas, Volume 2068, Folio 175, Page 47534, Registration 1ª. Company address C/ Sao Paulo 6, ofic. 131 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) SPAIN

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